Thanks for all you do to make my job so exciting and the kids are so successful because of your programs! I remember when I first came to Texas from ND (20 years ago) I had no idea what solfege was. We talked about it in college and did a few things with it, but we "sight-read" on words in HS. So going to contest the very first time with the ms treble choir was an experience that I will never forget, I don't think the judges will either. :) I felt so lost trying to come up with appropriate materials for the choir, that I was frustrated all the time and couldn't understand how to get my kids to love and do sight reading the way it should be done. Now as I get the pleasure of mentoring new teachers, the first thing we discuss is the sight reading materials they will need to use and what has been successful for me and many other teachers and choirs.

Thanks again Patti for all you do. Music will not die with this generation! They will learn to love music and be great church, city and professional musicians because of this amazing program!

Stacy Gonzalez,
McAllen, TX


Well! After 12 years of struggle with my unmotivated students, we finally made history...STRAIGHT ONES IN SIGHT-READING AT UIL!
Thanks, Patti...you ROCK!

Mary Zidlicky
Amarillo, TX


I am loving the carpet! The students are, too. It is even a wonderful organizational tool for my brand new kindergarten kids. I have flip form risers in my room in the exact colors of the rug. It works so well to say," If you are sitting in the blue part of the risers, please go to the carpet and sit on a blue square",etc. Thank you for all of the careful design work you put into it. It is exciting to think of all of the activities that we will be able to play on it this year. It is providing a much needed shot in the arm for me.

Janice Breitenstine,
Ft. Worth, TX


I just wanted to send you a major KUDOS on your sight-reading books! I ordered them last year and started using them this fall, and I LOVE them! Your sequential order and repetition of important concepts are wonderful!

A retired choral director often subs for me when I am out, and she commented that your books were the best sight-reading books she had seen throughout her entire career and intends to recommend them to other schools in our district. Thank you for creating such a wonderful book for daily practice.

Terri Jo Fox
Windy Hill Middle School Choirs


Dear Patti,

I LOVE the carpet and so does everyone else who comes into my new music room, most importantly the students. Thank you so much to your driver for getting it here in time for the first day of school. It made a huge difference to have the room ready for the very first classes in our new room.

Thanks again!